Thassos island

Thassos is considered the stone of the North, as it is located in the northern Aegean, next to the Greek-Turkish border fence. It is an island cosmopolitan area with beautiful beaches and crystal clear waters. Thassos has a long history and cultural heritage, with notable archaeological sites and museums. The island is also known for its olive oil, wine and honey production. Finally, Thassos is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Greece, attracting millions of visitors every year.

Holidays in Thassos



Pefkari is an area on the island of Thassos in northern Greece, which is popular for its diving. This island has rich marine life and crystal clear waters, which make it an ideal place for diving.In Pefkari, there are several diving centers that offer training programs for beginners and advanced divers. Diving there includes exploring coral reefs, rocky landscapes and wrecks, as well as observing fish populations and other marine species.

Boat rental

A very beautiful and certainly unforgettable experience of yours in Thassos could be a boat trip. There are companies that provide this service in various parts of the island in beautiful destinations around the island and places that you can only access by sea. These services provide you with food, music and you can definitely make new acquaintances and create unforgettable memories.


Giola is a natural sea pool located on the island of Thassos, in the northern Aegean. The pool is almost round and has crystal clear blue-green waters, which create a unique atmosphere. Giola is located in a small oasis of rocks and pines and has resulted from the erosion of the rock by the waves of the sea. The pool is about 8 meters deep and the water temperature is cool, but warm enough to make swimming enjoyable. Giola is very popular among visitors to the island of Thassos and is one of the main tourist attractions of the area. Guests can enjoy swimming in the pool, sunbathing on the rocks and enjoying the natural beauty of the area.


Thassos is a wonderful destination for water sports! In the area there are spots that offer various water sports, such as windsurfing, kitesurfing, canoeing, kayaking, SUP (Stand Up Paddleboarding), as well as different types of diving. The beaches of Thassos, such as Potos, Limenaria, Pachyammos and Aliki, are ideal for water sports, as they have clear and calm waters, while the strong winds in the area provide ideal conditions for windsurfing and kitesurfing. If you are interested in water sports in Thassos, there are certainly many companies that offer equipment rentals and lessons in several places on the island.


4×4 routes (tour)

There are several companies that provide services for 4×4 tours in the mountains of Thassos. These tours can be half-day or full-day and can include visiting attractions such as ancient temples, gorges, springs and other natural beauties. The options for 4×4 tours are many and varied, depending on your interests and preferences. You can also choose between guided or self-guided tours, depending on your experience level. If you are planning to travel to Thassos and want to explore its mountains in a 4×4, we recommend that you contact local companies that provide this service to find out more details and book the experience you want.

Traditional village of Kastro

The traditional village of Kastro is located in North Thassos, at a distance of about 10 km from the port of Limenaria. It is a beautiful and picturesque village that maintains its traditional architecture with its alleys, tiles, stone houses and paved courtyards. Visiting the village of Kastro can offer you a unique experience knowing the traditional life of the inhabitants of Thassos and having fun in traditional taverns and cafes. You can walk through the narrow streets, visit the small archaeological museum of the village, take a walk to the springs of the area and enjoy the wonderful view of the sea from the height of the Castle. One of the oldest churches of the island is located in the village of Kastro, the holy church of Agios Athanasios which was built in 1804 and still functions today. It is a beautiful choice for those who want to enjoy the traditional culture and taste the local food of the area.

Maries artificial lake

In Maries is the only lake of the island. It is an artificial lake surrounded by beautiful gazebos and benches for the absolute relaxation of the visitor. There you will also find three small accessible waterfalls which, combined with the dense vegetation around the lake, looks like an oasis. The route to reach the lake is easy and the road is in good condition, so it can be done by car or motorbike. However, hiking is also a nice option for those who love nature and walking.


Ypsario is the highest mountain peak of Thassos, at 1204 meters. It covers a large part of the island, almost 70% of its total area and hosts beautiful forests on its green surface. In addition to the impressive nature and the forests it hosts, Ypsario also offers a unique view of the sea and the surrounding islands, as well as many options for hiking and other activities in nature. At the top is the mountain refuge that can accommodate walkers, as long as they have previously taken care to obtain the keys from the Mountaineering Association or the municipality of the island. The amazing view from the top, towards Mount Athos, and beyond, is dazzling.Definitely worth your visit!

Theologos – Kefalogourna

Theologos is a beautiful traditional village in Thassos, which maintains the authentic feel of the past. The village’s traditional streets and traditional stone houses create a unique atmosphere worth discovering. In Theologos there are many old orthodox churches, which bear witness to the faith and tradition of the island. Also, the gastronomy of Theologos is excellent, with taverns offering traditional food and delicacies, such as goat on a spit, cheese pie and tsipouro. It is worth trying these dishes to taste the authentic cuisine of Thassos. Kefalogourna is one of the most popular tourist attractions in Theologos. It is a waterfall just a few kilometers from the beautiful village. The cold waters and the incredible vegetation around the area form a fantastic landscape. The path leading to Kefalogourna is well marked and easy to follow. Also, the trail is easy and suitable for all ages, although a little care is needed in some places.



The beach of Aliki in Thassos is one of the most famous and popular beaches of the island, but it also presents a special archaeological interest. In the area of Aliki, important archaeological discoveries have been excavated that prove the presence of people in the area since the 7th century. Excavations have revealed ruins of buildings, cemeteries, ancient temples and other ancient remains dating back to the archaic and classical period of ancient Thassos. Your visit will surely leave you satisfied.

Michael the Archangel Monastery

The monastery of Michael the Archangel was founded in the 18th century and belongs to Mount Athos, a religious and cultural community in Halkidiki. The building is in baroque style and has many elements from the local architecture, as well as from the traditional way of constructing the buildings of Mount Athos. The monastery is located on a hill above Alykes and provides a unique view of the sea and the surrounding area. Visitors can enjoy the tranquility and beauty of the landscape, as well as explore the history and culture of the monastery.

Limena Archaeological Museum

In Maries is the only lake of the island. It is an artificial lake surrounded by beautiful gazebos and benchThe Archaeological Museum of Thassos Port is one of the most interesting places to visit in Thassos. The museum is located in the homonymous port of the island and hosts samples from ancient Thassos, a city-state that dominated the Northern Aegean during antiquity. The museum exhibits many impressive archaeological finds from ancient Thassos, such as pottery, sculptures, coins, inscriptions and statues from various periods. The exhibits cover a wide range of antiquity, from the 7th century BC. until Late Antiquity. Among the exhibits stand out the kouros, an ancient male sculpture 3.5 meters high, the statue of the Roman emperor Hadrian, Pegasus, male and female heads and reliefs. In addition, the museum houses an archaeological collection from the ancient theater of Thassos, which is located just outside the town of Limenas.

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